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The Life of a Colorado Wine Boy


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My name is Jacob Helleckson. I grew up on a vineyard in Western Colorado. Living most of my life in the vines taught me many things. But besides the relentless sun, frustrating frosts, and seemingly endless spring mud season, it was a phenomenal place to be raised. Below is a blog containing a few of my favorite stories from spending almost 20 of my 21 years deeply ingrained in the North Fork Valley of western Colorado. Click below to read each story. I've also listed my absolute favorite wines made by Stone Cottage Cellars at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to take a look at their website as well! (Shameless plug. Trust me, these wines are fantastic! Just ask The Wine Advocate

My Favorite Wines

Known for austere tannins in the reds and crisp acidity in the whites, these wines pair delightfully with food. Click on each to read more about the creation process, and purchase if you wish. 

Top Red | Syrah

Spicy, but soft, the Syrah sips just as well as it pairs with a hearty steak. It's our go-to staple on the dinner table, and one of my all-time favorite wines.

Top White | Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris is a light summer wine that pairs well with salads and fish. Serve cold. 

Most Unusual | Alpine Dessert Wine

Crafted from ultra-ripe Gewurtztraminer off of 30-year-old vines, this is pairs scrumptiously with fresh fruit and cheesecake. It's also packaged in a lovely skinny 375ml